With rising cost of construction, increasing building complexity and tighter project deadlines, there is a growing need for a cost-effective, reliable and time-efficient solution, such as Keystone Cable’s series of KEYFABTM Cables. KEYFABTM Cables system is where the joint connecting the main cable and branch cables has been pre-moulded under factory conditions. Having cable joints prefabricated in the factory rather than on-site has the following advantages:

Minimal Installation Time

  • With most of the sitework carried out in the factory rather than on-site, KEYFABTM Cable is ready to be installed and plugged together once delivered.

Low Labour Cost

  • KEYFABTM Cables Cable is an economical solution which requires less manpower to be involved. The need for expensive skilled labour is also eliminated.

Reduction in Material Cost

  • KEYFABTM Cables Cable is designed to fit your specific length requirements and excess cable is trimmed to prevent extra material wastage. It can be fixed to the wall with cleats or brackets and costly trunking is not necessary.

Enhanced Reliability

  • Prefabrication in stringent quality controlled environment, certified by third party certifying body, is safer than site
    fabrication and installation without prior routine tests.

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